Some Kudos For Our Work.....

The practical approach that Dr.Gutierrez used in explaning the TPR strategies and linguistic model helped me to see our ELL students needs in a new way. 

Jessica J. Middle School Administrator

Talk about time management in a training session, this was it! Every minute was well spent and accounted for. I learned a lot and even had time to create my own customized action plan for our community library. Thank you!

Tasha F. Librarian, Participant Community Partnerships

My two take aways from the session are (i) time built into the workshop session for deep conversations and collaboration with peers (ii) the RAP idea is so cool and an easy way to assess and meet needs simultenously.

Krystal L. Community Leader, Participant Workplace Shift

The energy in the room was contagious! Dr. Feyi has a special way of bringing her audience right along with her on her delivery and not just the content. No one is left behind once you get it! One word to describe the day = Transformational. Thank you!

Chad R. Participant, HR Conference Summer 2019

I really liked the interactive nature of the training. The practical tips and application for my students and classroom were bonuses. Great planning!

Amanda T. Art Teacher Dallas ISD